The Climate Crisis is a Health Emergency

climate crisis is a health emergency

A consortium of health organizations, including the American Heart Association, has released a a letter to U.S. political candidates that frames the climate crisis as a public health emergency. Over 74 organizations are highlighting the impact that the collapsing climate will have dire consequences not only on animals, oceans and forests, but also on human beings.

The letter warns that “the health, safety and well-being of millions of people in the U.S. have already been harmed by human-caused climate change, and health risks in the future are dire without urgent action to fight climate change.”


Even the department of U.S. Health & Human Services considers climate change to be one of the top public health challenges of our time. 

When we talk about “health care” as our specialty, we mean it in the broadest terms, much like the signers of the letter:

“Building healthy energy, transportation, land use, and agriculture systems now will deliver immediate and sustained health benefits to all and reduce future health risks from climate change.”


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