What we do

Leadership Communications Training & Coaching

What distinguishes successful and respected leaders? Authentic connection that comes from credible communications.

This comes from three main pillars:

  • establishing your personal credibility understanding  
  • empathizing with your audience, and
  • getting the relevant facts right. 

As trusted advisors to executives and leaders, we provide training, coaching and counsel to help them engage effectively with their stakeholders.

Information is giving out.

Communication is getting through.

Messaging Labs

Successful leadership requires meaningful communications and empathic persuasion. A mountain of facts and data points neither inspires nor resonates. Very often, organizational leaders have been repeatedly telling the same tired list of facts to a weary audience. When it doesn’t work, they figure perhaps if they were just louder, or reached more people. In defeat, they blame the audience for “not getting it.”

Through our [re]frame process, we help leaders craft messages into a story that connects the dots and generates a meaningful narrative.

In this inclusive process, we listen to a variety of viewpoints, from customers to people at different levels of the organization. We facilitate conversations among teams, helping them cultivate and craft stories that inform, persuade and motivate.

Experiential Engagement

Stories have power, and stories that people experience can have lasting resonance. When your audience can step into an event or a space that touches them, they become part of the story and engage even more deeply with your mission.

We have curated and hosted gatherings and experiences ranging from intimate speakeasy dinner conversations to large-scale community festivals celebrating health and well-being. We have turned ho-hum empty office spaces into playful areas for collaboration, innovation and celebration. Let us help your important audiences experience your story.

Communication Strategy and Execution

Every living thing communicates in one way or another. Every day, we speak, we write, or we use our vocal tone or body language to communicate what we think or feel. In business, we communicate through spoken and written word, through images and impressions. We have a vast array of methods and channels through which we can share our story. How do we make all these moving parts coalesce to a unified narrative?

Strategic communication is intentional and carefully crafted. Strategic communication reaches a specific outcome, and achieves a desired result.

Integrated communication leverages the most appropriate channels for the biggest impact. 

We work with clients to develop strategic, integrated communications strategies that are aligned with business goals. 

Employee Engagement | Change Leadership

Your employees are among your most important stakeholders. They are your ambassadors, your cheerleaders, and your first “influencers.” 

We work with clients to develop strategies and execute creative campaigns that ignite employee engagement, and inspire them to work toward a common mission.

Amid the thousands of reports about the “Future of Work,” one thing has been consistent: things are changing. Fast. The so-called “Fourth Industrial Revolution” is impacting every organization and company. Forward-thinking and progressive companies are not only keeping up with AI, robotics and globalization. They are thinking about the people that make up their organization. 

We work with organizational leaders who understand and are committed to the human side of their organizations in the midst of a technological tsunami.

How will you lead? How will you nurture and mentor your people so they — and, therefore, your organization — will be able to face the constant tide of change?

According to Boston Consulting Group, when asked about their bosses, the number one complaint of employees at multinational corporations is that they “don’t communicate the team’s mission clearly.”