Emily Avila

Founder, Principal, Host, Maestro

From Silicon Valley to São Paulo, Emily has guided leaders and their organizations through some serious challenges. Whether it was preparing researchers for FDA hearings or advising CEOs before investor conferences, she has acted as a trusted advisor to executives at some of the world’s largest organizations.

From being a television reporter to acting as spokesperson for Stanford University Medical Center, she has focused her efforts on the transformational power of narratives to influence, persuade and motivate.

She is an author, a former columnist, and a pioneer in online public relations. Her superpower is the ability to connect the dots — taking a heap of complicated information and helping clients craft a cohesive story.

Did you say "maestro"?

The word originates from the Italian maestro, meaning “teacher.” At the core, I teach. Call it training, coaching, facilitating. But, in the end, it’s teaching. 

Maestro most often refers to the leader of an orchestra. 

I also have a certain mastery of coordinating and organizing a lot of moving parts to create a cohesive whole. For clients, it translates into orchestrating a team of designers, writers, social media marketers, and public relations professionals to generate a resonant expression of their story.

Health care background

Much of our focus has been on health and medicine — from life science start-ups to global health organizations. We see health and well-being as a complex system and one of the greatest global challenges.  We work with companies and organizations addressing this challenge from a variety of perspectives.

  • health technology
  • biotech and pharmaceuticals
  • public health
  • health education
  • patient advocacy
  • sustainability and the environment
  • global health
  • lifestyle and wellness
Other industry sectors
  • Travel, tourism, hospitality
  • Venture capital firms
  • Telecommunications
  • Financial services
  • Law firms
  • Technology