Communication Bootcamps

For emerging leaders, we offer interactive, hands-on Communication Bootcamps: 

  • Presentation skills
  • Media training 
  • Business writing
On-site training: These Bootcamps can be tailored to your organization’s needs and content.

Presentation Skills

Being a leader puts you in the spotlight and requires you to speak with conviction and confidence. This Presentation Skills Bootcamp helps participants hone their public speaking skills. 

In this course, participants will learn how to:

  • Ask the essential questions  before you present
  • Profile an audience
  • Start and end strongly
  • Prepare complex information for a succinct presentation
  • Gain awareness of your voice and body language
  • Handle tough questions from the audience

Note: While we do discuss best practices for slides, this is not a presentation software course.

Media Training

With 20 years of media, public relations and communications experience, we understand the key issues of interest to the news media. In health care and with publicly traded corporations, we are also versed in the regulatory and compliance issues facing media spokespeople.

We prepare executives for a variety of media interview situations, from phone interviews with print reporters to live, on-camera interviews. We also coach spokespersons for podcast interviews and virtual media tours.

Business Writing

Anyone can be a better writer, with proper guidance and practice. Effective business writing is an essential skill for anyone who wants to move forward in their career. 

This business writing bootcamp will help you learn to write clearly, simply and effectively. We will prepare you to write reports, memos, e-mail and letters. 

Through writing exercises and constructive feedback, you will learn to:

  • Identify your primary purpose 
  • Save time by organizing your thoughts with an easy-to-follow method
  • Compose a thesis statement that will get your audience’s attention
  • Review the essentials of composition and grammar
  • Expedite editing