A Maverick’s Birthday

When a non-profit organization contacted us about organizing their founder’s 80th birthday, we jumped at the opportunity to celebrate the innovator’s milestone. He was a well-known and well-respected physician who had pioneered surgical techniques now widely used around the world.

We helped the organization think strategically about this birthday party — by inviting CEOs from major biotech and healthcare technology companies, this was an opportunity to position his beloved organization as a worthy cause for corporate philanthropy.

We developed and produced all the materials, from invitations to large banners depicting his life. We designed an event focused on innovation. 

This founder was known for being a vanguard who eschewed tradition. An hour of boring podium talks would not suffice. Instead, we turned the ceremony into a late-night talk show format. The stage became a TV set. Speakers became talk show guests, each sharing their favorite stories about the guest of honor.

We turned a well known Silicon Valley venture capitalist into a talk show host, working with him to develop and rehearse his opening monologue. The evening had an opening video that we produced, as well as brief “commercials” that promoted the organization’s mission.

The “show” ended and guests joined a music-filled celebration of his accomplishments.