The Playbook

When a hospital needed help to engage the entire staff in a transition to a new electronic medical record, we helped them set the path. Rather than focusing on the new technology, we created an internal campaign based on celebrating hearts, minds and courage.

Our kick-off event featured actors in “Wizard of Oz” costumes — the CEO even wore ruby slippers for her speech. 

Milestones were outlined on a mural of a yellow brick wall toward the eventual “go live” of the new system. Employees nominated each other for awards for demonstrating heart, smarts and courage.

To help staff speak to patients about the transition, we created a Communications Playbook with key messages and answers to critical questions.

Posters throughout the hospital campus featured not the C-suite executives but internal influencers — employees who may not hold manager positions but who were well-respected by their colleagues.

We partnered closely with our client for this intensive one-year internal change management campaign for a successful go-live.