Our Team

Multi-channel, full-stack…these are some of the buzzwords in marketing-communications that boil down to one thing: you need to tell your story to different people in different ways to have the most impact. You must do this in a coordinated and integrated way. Smaller agencies and freelancers often specialize in just one or two of these services — from market research to social media marketing to event planning. It can be a challenge to coordinate these different teams. 

We have assembled experts to serve your marketing-communications needs in a harmonized way. With our integrated approach, we ensure everyone is working together toward a common goal: to help serve your business.

Visual Storytelling

Our creative design team of graphic artists, video producers and photographers can bring your story to life.


Our experienced writers have expertise in health care and medical writing to help you craft white papers, case studies and other content marketing projects.

Experiential Marketing

Engaging your audience sometimes means you need to bring them together in a hands-on, interactive way. We have deep experience in creating memorable events. From developing the content and programming to the event design and logistics, we can handle the details from start to finish.


We bring value to you by coordinating and integrating different aspects of your marketing-communications strategy. We work with you to set the compass point and move the entire team forward.