Class Act

A major medical center was moving its 5,000 employees from two historic hospital buildings into state-of-the-art facilities. While the move was an exciting step forward into the future of health care delivery, we recognized the bittersweet aspect of moving from a long-time home to a new place. Some employees had worked in these older facilities for over 30 years and had long established routines.

We brainstormed with our client  ways to generate excitement about the move while honoring the history and emotional ties to the historic past.

We likened the transition to a graduation. From there, the idea of a “yearbook” was born.

For a year, our team of photographers and writers spread out across four campuses and took photos of staff at work. We emphasized the camaraderie, commitment and compassion the employees showed everyday in their work with patients and with each other.

The result was a 100-page hard cover yearbook that every one of the 5,000 employees received.