Executive Training

There are a variety of ways we can work with your and your team to provide communications or pitch coaching, or message, presentation and media training. 

On-site workshops

These customized programs are designed to suit your organization’s most critical needs. We come to your location and host interactive sessions for your teams, followed by experiential learning clinics (fancy talk for “practice sessions”) to put the teachings into action.

Executive Masterclass

Designed exclusively for the C-suite, this on-site communication masterclass goes beyond the basics of best practices for public speaking. In this advanced course, we dive into the latest cognitive science of persuasion, emotional intelligence and collective wisdom of your team to generate messages and communications strategies that propel your organization forward.

Live webinars

From anywhere in the world, you and your dispersed teams can participate in online workshops to help prepare a pitch, a presentation or prepare for a pressing media interview (see what we did there?) These live webinars are customized just like our on-site workshops, but delivered over videoconferencing.

One-on-one coaching

Either in person or over videoconferencing, these highly focused, confidential executive coaching sessions are specifically designed for leaders or those preparing to take on leadership roles.