[re]frame Story Lab

Our [re]frame Messaging Lab is a facilitated process that creates an internal multidisciplinary think tank within your company to consider how you frame your company’s narrative. Drawing upon collective intelligence and internal wisdom, we guide your team through a series of conversations to help you translate complicated concepts, and frame (or reframe) them into compelling messages that appeal to your audiences and stakeholders.

Our process is based on best practices for communications research, the latest understanding of cognitive science and systems thinking.

Our [re]frame Messaging Labs are custom-designed for your organization, but follow a similar journey.

The Dig

Before we begin, we undergo a deep dive to understand your organization and your stakeholders. This process helps us “open the aperture” so we can view the landscape in which your company operates.

Using a “beginner’s mind” approach, we first assume nothing. We explore and challenge assumptions held by both you and your audience.

The Harvest

The communication challenge most companies and organizations have is their own expertise, or deep knowledge, about a subject. This can be particularly acute for scientific or technical companies. What you may be saying may be factually true, but it does not resonate with your audiences for a variety of reasons. Or you may simply be downloading too much information for them to process meaningfully.

The solution is not to say more or to say it faster or louder. Seeking to separate the signal from the noise, we collaborate with your team to uncover the nexus of your information and your audience’s understanding of it.

The Craft

Using our message-building framework, we work with you to identify key themes and craft intentional messages that are aligned with your business strategy or organizational mission.

This message platform becomes the basis for both internal and external communications and is flexible enough to use in a variety of settings, including media interviews and high-stakes presentations.

The Measure

How will you determine the success of your communications? We help you set meaningful metrics and methods of “field testing” your messages.