5 Things You Can Do If You Are Self-Quarantined at Home

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The news and warnings about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) are getting more and more dire. Public health officials, medical history researchers and statistical analysts are mostly pointing to “flattening the curve” as a strategy to reduce the significant impact on health resources.  Flattening the curve essentially means that we collectively take action to slow the […]

Communicating Risk during the Coronavirus Outbreak

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Caught up in the wave of concern over the spread of coronavirus, many companies are quickly issuing corporate policies regarding business travel, conference attendance, work-from-home and other issues. Some of these policies are established after consulting with public health officials; others are seemingly based on whatever the news media seems to be shrilling. The edicts […]

Best Practices for Video Conferencing

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The rapidly spreading coronavirus, or COVID-19, is creating havoc among business travelers, conference planners, workshop facilitators and trainers. Even travelers to countries not dealing with travel restrictions are trying to make sense of evolving company travel policies. Global meetings and conferences are being canceled. CERAWeek, the largest energy industry gathering with delegates from 80 countries, […]

The CEO Roundtable and Quarterly Earnings Statements

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The recently revised, released and re-tweeted mission statement by the Business Roundtable promises to prioritize stakeholders among (not above) shareholders. That is, the needs of communities, employees, and suppliers are as important as those of investors.  More than a few critical articles suggested a “wait and see” approach, to see if the manifesto is more […]

Our Cups Runneth Over

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Last year, my husband and I committed to a more ‘minimalist’ life, and undertook a massive purge of material possessions. We sold, donated, recycled and tossed half of our household items. During the three month process, each item was under scrutiny. The process inspired us to consider global issues like circular economies — where does […]

Who you callin’ “soft”?

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When people talk about the “future of work” they often divide the important skills sets into two categories — hard skills and soft skills. The hard skills including coding and, well, coding. The soft skills are everything else, like problem-solving, self-awareness, resilience, and communication. Some of these fall under a larger umbrella of emotional intelligence. […]